Design and installation of lift interior finishes and observation lifts are one of our area of expertise. At AL-SUS, we offer only the best quality and first-class workmanship for our lifts’ finishes.


Since our long establishment, we have accomplished numeruous types of lift interiors’ designs, specifications and requirements. Over the years, we have seen and exprienced with the changes in design and trends of the interiors.

Thanks to our extensive experiences in this area, we are well-equipped with engineering, fabrication and installation expertise, all that that it takes in fulfilling our works for the lift interiors.


With our strong engineering skills and specialised expertise, AL-SUS is the leading fabricator and installer for observation lifts in Singapore. We have successfully developed unique technologies and gained experience in various specialized products:

  • Indoor & outdoor units
  • Rectangular, semi-circular, circular & other customized shapes
  • Incorporation of air-conditioning unit
  • Unexposed fasteners of fixing methods
  • Water-proof systems


With the rapid demand for observation lifts, we are optimistic about the years ahead.